Becca’s Baby Shower

Hey guess what!?! I’m going to be a grandma again! This is number four and it never gets less exciting. After two boys we have a little girl on the way. Our oldest granddaughter is 8 now, so of course her baby clothes are long gone. Which means, you know it, shopping!

A few weeks ago we had a baby shower for my Becca. We found the “Children’s Books” baby shower theme on Pinterest. You have to love Pinterest for finding such great ideas. We had so much fun! We made everything ourselves from the invitations to the last party favor. Everyone pitched in and we had a great time.

Of course we began with the invitations. We bought the paper and envelopes from Craft’s Direct.  We did some research and found the wording we loved the best. On the Invitations it read:

Once upon a time…

There was a couple preparing for

their family to grow from two to three.

So their family and friends showered them

with Love…  and diapers, bibs, bottles,

and other gear to get them ready for their new adventure.

Come join us as we celebrate with

Her  Name                           

Day, Date, and Time

Address of the party

Please bring a new or gently used book in lieu of a card

so that we can begin to build a library of wonderful bedtime stories.

RSVP by Date to name      

She is registered at:

We also included a sticker to put inside the book so that our guests could write a special message for the new baby. On the sticker we had printed:

“Children are made readers on the laps

 of their parents” ~ Emilie Buchwald

Given in love by:

A special message for you:

It was wonderful! Our new princess already has a library of over 100 books!

Then we looked through all of the books we already had amongst us. Picked out ones that we could put a food to and what food we wanted to make to go with each one. Some of the books I bought at Goodwill, the Salvation Army and garage sales. I found several items to use for decorating at these places. I also ordered some books from our Great River Regional Library, they are always so wonderful!

Then came the making of the decorations. My daughters took old books and cut them to make banners. We bought scrapbooking paper from Craft’s Direct to use as table mats to add more color. We used bright flowers and colorful water beads for the vases. Even the silverware was wrapped and decorated.

Next came my favorite part, which is all the baking and cooking. I made one large cake that looked like stacked story books. The party favors were sugar cookies decorated to look like a book cover. Then the foods that go with each book were made.

Games were discussed and put together. My favorite was the baby sock memory game. Several pairs of baby socks and a pack of index cards were bought. Each sock was taped to an index card, then laid out on the ground, sock down, so all you could see was the top of the index card. The game is played like a normal memory game. Whoever finds the most matched sets wins!

It all turned out really nice. Putting it all together was almost more fun than the actual party! Now we will have to discover something even more amazing for the next one. Luckily there is plenty of time for that… I think.

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