Autumn On Eagle Lake

The mind is a crazy thing. It’s funny how sights and smells trigger certain memories in your head and how totally vivid those memories are. At this time of year as the weather is getting cooler and crisper my mind conjures up the memories of Succoth in Israel. The sounds of the hammers hitting wood as the men build their family sukkas all over Israel is so clear my ears strain to hear better. Then comes the sense of sadness for the past and all the people we miss.

But then I look around me and see the beauty of the falling leaves, the brightness of fall colors as another year comes to an end. Once again my ears strain for sounds. Geese honking as they fly south for the winter. An occasional gun blast reminding us that it’s duck and goose hunting season.  The leaves falling sound like running water and the squirrels bickering at each other as they work to fill their winter nests. The beauty of this present reminds me of the wonderful life I’m living and what an awesome world it is!

My grandson and I love to take walks down the roads of our neighborhood and along the Big Eagle Lake where we live. Our trusty sidekick Snowball, a very perky little Pomeranian, is always with us. There is an eagle that lives down the road and almost every morning you can see him soaring up above. There are literally hundreds of rabbits this year, wild turkeys, and sometimes if we’re lucky we can come across a deer or two.

Our neighborhood was originally built to be small vacation lake homes. As the years have gone by the smaller houses were replaced with larger ones and people live here all year. We go boating and fishing in the summer. In July there are fireworks on the lake and in winter ice fishing contests. You can read more about our lake on the Big Eagle Lake Association web page.


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