The Quest To Change Minnesota’s Cottage Food Law

When I first started my quest to change Minnesota’s Cottage Food Law, I had no idea where the road would lead. A few years ago, I didn’t even know it was illegal to sell baked goods from my home. Now I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet Senators and Representatives who’ve been so helpful in making progress toward changing that law. I have met many new people, all trying to accomplish the same thing in their States, and some, like Denay Davis of North Carolina, have already been instrumental in achieving their goal of legalizing the sale of home-based baked goods. This gives me hope that Minnesota will soon follow.

The changing of this law could make such a difference in the lives of so many households. Just a few extra dollars made from the sales of home baked cakes and cookies could supplement the weekly grocery bill, buy a new pair of shoes, or fill the car with gas.

I have found that there are organizations such as Icing Smiles, which exist to provide a cake for a sick child whose family has been too busy, or too financially troubled to worry about a simple cake. A cake! Who would think it was so important? Yet a simple cake has so much meaning, and can light up the smile on a child’s face. Icing Smiles works to do just that by connecting people who are willing to bake and donate cakes to these families. We home bakers in Minnesota need to have this law passed to enable us to freely help out with this worthwhile cause. You can find out more about Icing Smiles at their website,

Along my journey I have also spoken to Dennis Tank of Tank Goodness Cookies. What an inspiration and testament to what you can accomplish just from baking cookies! He began in his kitchen, and since then has opened businesses in 7 different states. He would love to assist others with the opportunity to develop their own cookie businesses from their homes. But again, he has no choice but to wait for the Cottage Food Law to be amended in order to accomplish this. If you’d like to find out more about Dennis and his amazing cookies this is the website,

I’ve also discovered that St Paul has a bread club! I never knew that. They bake wonderful breads, some that even look like statues. They are looking forward to the changing of the Cottage Food Law so that they can sell their delicious breads from home. David S. Cargo is the Vice President of Communications of the St. Paul Bread Club and also the baker of beautiful artisan breads. You can find out more about them at,

Of course there are many, many more people I’ve met along the way. People like Christy and Amanda, who are working on changing this law with me and have become my friends. There are lots of other people who’ve called with offers to help where they can.

I expect that there is much more to come as the Bill heads towards the Senate and House committees. It’s exciting and amazing to see where this road will lead. I know that no matter what the outcome, this journey was meant to be, and I am blessed.



  1. Very well written. I am thankful for you!

    • Thank you Mary! That’s always nice to hear.

  2. Jo Kraft

    Thanks, Shelley, for the good work you are doing!! Keep it up until it gets passed. Some people can NOT do anything else for extra income. It is always so nice to receive a nice home baked cake, cookie or even a meal!! So continue to chase after your dream!!
    In HIs love & hugs,
    Jo Kraft Siesta Village, Weslaco, TX,

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