Cutie Cupcakes

One of my favorite cooking shows is Cupcake Wars. The flavors, ideas, and creativity that some of those bakers come up with are just amazing. I would love to be one of the judges! Who wouldn’t want a job tasting cupcakes?

My friend and I were watching a rerun of the show last night. It was getting late since we are now on Daylight Saving Time. All of a sudden Katie jumped up and said, “Let’s do our own version of Cupcake Wars!”

So, at almost 10pm we got out the cupcake pans, and determined what we would make. Since the idea of the show is to make something with the items they provide, we used Cuties. Cuties are very sweet little clementines, and I happened to have quite a few on hand.

We made a cake batter using the juice from the Cuties and some orange zest. We tried to make a white chocolate mousse filling, but it didn’t turn out. It’s a good thing though as I think it would have been too sweet. We ended up filling the centers with a lemon whipped cream, and frosted the tops with vanilla buttercream frosting.

They turned out really good, and it was a lot of fun. We made 26 cupcakes in an hour. Maybe someday we will be on Cupcake Wars!


  1. These sound and look amazing..yum. I love pretty much most cakes, but especially if they are citrusy 🙂

    • Thank you! They were fun to make. Just replace half of the liquid in your favorite white cake recipe with cutie juice and some grated cutie zest. Then I put some lemon pie filling in center of the cupcakes. Really yummy!

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