Please sign the Minnesota Cottage Food Law Petition

To all my family, friends, and anyone else who haven’t yet signed our Cottage Food Law petition, I’d really appreciate it if you’d take the time to do that and pass it on to your friends. In case you don’t understand what this is about, I will explain. Basically in several states here in the US it is illegal for home bakers to sell baked goods directly from their homes. Minnesota is one of those states. That is why I only bake for my family and friends!

Selling in a Farmers Market or Craft/Bake Sale is allowed, but for someone to come directly to my home and buy a cake, this is illegal. Which makes no sense as it is the same house, same kitchen, same baker, that bakes the cupcakes and cookies at the Farmers Market, etc. This is the main issue that we are trying to get changed. The link is below. Thank you for your support!



  1. Dick

    I’ll sign but don’t know where. Dick Giroux (Ardy’s husband)

  2. Hi Uncle Dick! Just click on this link
    Thank you!

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