Orange Cake Bites

Wow! June was busy and July is looking like it’s going to continue the trend. My youngest daughter graduated, it was the highlight of the month. I am so happy that’s finished. After many tears, uncountable prayers, teeth gritting, and much more grey hair, all six of my kids are done with school. The next generation can now proceed without my having to ask a hundred million times, “Is your homework done?” Their parents will have that joy.

We had my daughter’s graduation party on the last day of June. It was a beautiful day! We had a good time visiting with family and friends. I love any occasion that gives me an excuse to experiment with new recipes and try them out on a different audience than just my household. This time I made the standard chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes, just to be sure there was something everyone would like. Then I tried out a Lindt White Chocolate Truffle recipe I found on Pinterest. It was ok, I think that next time I will use the same concept but change the cake and frosting recipes. It was very sweet. My niece and I made little miniature apple and cherry pies. They turned out really cute. But the big hit of the day was the Orange Cake Bites! As I have said before, I rarely use a cake mix, however every once in a while it’s fun to try something different, and this was really fun and easy. The directions are below.
Happy baking!

Orange Cake Bites
1 box orange cake mix
1 container of orange frosting
2 pkgs of white candy melts
Candy Sprinkles

Bake the cake according to the instructions on the box. Let it cool completely and then crumble the whole thing into little pieces. I crumble it in a bowl because it’s easier to work with, but some people keep it right in the pan. When it’s all crumbled, stir in the can of frosting until it’s combined well.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, then form about a tablespoon full of the cake into little balls. I like to use my cookie scoop to keep them all the same size. After the cake bites are all formed stick them into a freezer until they’re frozen solid.

Melt your candy melts. I like to use a tiny little crock pot I have that is really for dip. It works great to melt the candy and keep it warm, but be sure to keep it on very low so that it doesn’t burn. Place a piece of parchment paper next to the melted candy. You will need to have your space organized as the next step requires quick work.

When the bites are frozen and the candy melted, take only a few of the cake bites out of the freezer at a time. I put a few cake bites into the melted candy and then use two forks to transfer them quickly to the waiting parchment paper. My daughter adds the sprinkles. The melted candy will harden really fast. Continue with all the cake bites until you have them all covered. I like to serve them in little candy papers, which you can find next to the cupcake papers in most stores. Enjoy!


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