Cake Genealogy

My Grand Daughter Alexandra is turning 1 year old! So crazy how fast the time flies by. In my last blog titled “Autumn’s Cake”, I spoke about the fact that I had also made the wedding cake for Autumn’s mommy and daddy, and showed you the pictures. Many of the couples who’ve I made wedding cakes for in the past few years are now having their own little families. This made me think how there is a genealogy to be found in cakes. Every major occasion in a person’s life is accompanied by a cake of some sort. Births, graduations, weddings, new jobs, good lucks, hellos and good byes, all have a cake at the center. So today I am going to show you the cake genealogy of my two daughters. I think it’s kind of neat!

These cakes were made for my daughter Rebecca.

These cakes were made for my daughter Leah.



  1. What lovely cakes!

    • Thank you!

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