Chocolate Covered Boom Chicka Popcorn

I discovered this new popcorn the other day. Well, it’s new to me any way. I totally admit that it caught my eye because of the cute name, but then decided the low calorie count was an added bonus for my never ending, always failing, quest to lose weight. So, I bought it. As far as low cal snacks go, it’s ok. But me, being me, I had to find a way to dress it up. The result was an increase in the calorie count, and a definite increase in the flavor department. However, I am still proud to say it is a low calorie snack. As long as you don’t eat the whole bag. 🙂

Here’s how to make, Chocolate Covered Boom Chicka Popcorn. Enjoy!

Buy a bag of Boom Chicka Popcorn, arrange it on two cookie sheets. Melt a bag of your favorite chocolate chips. You can use half of one flavor, half of another if you want. I just used semi sweet chocolate chips. Drizzle the melted chocolate all over the popcorn. Let set for an hour until the chocolate hardens. Store in a well sealed plastic container. 110 calories per cup.



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