Israel, Land That I Love

May 4th was Israel’s Soldier’s Remembrance Day. On this day every person, every car, everything, stops and stands in silence as the sirens blow, remembering the 23,169 soldiers who have given their lives for their country, since the founding of Israel.

Israel is very small. Many people do not realize that a country at the center of so much controversy, can fit ten times in Minnesota alone. No one realizes that all of Israel’s enemies, who want nothing more than the annihilation of Israel, and every living Jew in this world, completely surround and out number them by the millions.

Why? Why are these people so hated? I lived there for many years. I have many Christian, Jewish, and Muslim friends there. Believe me, there is nobody who wants to just live in peace as much this nation of people.

I am not Jewish. I am simply someone who loves the land of Israel and the Jewish people. I admire the courage, love, and faith that they have for each other, their land, and their God. My son and many family members have served in the Israeli military. My brother-in-law was wounded. None of them had to, but they consider it an honor to be counted among the citizens of this amazing country.

Unless you have been there, and felt the spirit of this land, unless you have seen the courage of the people, it’s hard to make you understand the love that I have for Israel. The peace that surrounds you as you step off the plane is unexplainable. The feeling that you are safe and protected, although all around you see soldiers with guns. But if you look closely, you’ll notice the smiles, the sweet calmness these soldiers have. There is absolute knowledge that all is well, and that you are standing on holy ground.

As the sun sets on this day of remembrance, Israel’s Independence Day begins. As the people sing and dance in the streets, the spirits of these valiant soldiers dance beside them. They might not be seen, but they are there, and we will never forget.

I would like to share with you this  wonderfully written testament to Israel’s fallen soldiers, written by Sara Debbie Gutfreund. Please click on the link to read: A Letter to The Fallen Israeli Soldier


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