Mother’s Day 2014 ~ Cupcake Bouquet

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope everyone is having a great day. I’m waiting for my kids and my parents to come over for a barbeque. Since it’s Minnesota, we’ll probably be grilling in the rain, but at least it’s not Wyoming. I just saw this on Facebook.
10314655_778927395460489_6105979986121195605_n[1]Crazy isn’t it? I wasn’t sure if it was true, but then saw that Denver is also getting snow. I’m not sure what we call this weather, Springter?

Since today is Mother’s Day, I wanted to make my mom a Cupcake Bouquet. I’ve never done one before, but I’ve been wanting to try it, and thought this was the perfect occasion. So I looked it up on Youtube, and found a few different ways to make them. This is the one I picked, just because it looked the easiest.
Cupcake Bouquets by Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio

I was really excited to try this. It looks so easy, right? Well, here’s what I discovered, don’t believe anything you see on Youtube! It was not easy.

First of all, the cupcakes I made were chiffon cupcakes. Way too light for construction use. There were so many issues! Just trying to poke the toothpicks through the bottom of the cupcake was a procedure. Once on the Styrofoam ball it looked good. I got the frosting on the cupcakes, things were progressing, when all of a sudden the cake tops started falling off. I’d made the cupcakes too large, so the muffin top part had detached from the main cupcake. This was the result.


Not pretty. So, I stuck on a few more cupcakes, did some cosmetic repairs. All was good. Took lovely pictures. It looked so pretty!


I happily went on my way. I cleaned up the house, finished wrapping a few presents, I came back to admire my handiwork, and well, I admit that a few choice words were said. At this point my daughter try’s to come to my rescue. The cupcakes are not cooperating! I was rather discouraged, when my lovely child says, “Mom just fill it in with more green tissue paper.”

74d0920d07ade17161d8a6dbf6281625[1]When all else fails, add tissue paper. It worked. It’s not as beautiful as the original, but we’ll keep that part to the back. Oh yeah, I’ve had to tissue paper another section just a few minutes ago. Mom you’d better hurry up and get here pretty quickly before it’s all green paper!




  1. Belated Happy Mother’s Day to your mom. That is indeed a sweet yummy cupcake loaded with lots of love. A beautiful gift that will melt any parent’s heart.

    • Thank you! 🙂

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