Sherburne County Fair

Minnesota Cottage Food Law

This past weekend was the Sherburne County Fair. I volunteered to help out at the GOP booth mainly because both Senator Brown, and Representative Newberger, have been such staunch supporters of our Cottage Food Bill from the very beginning, and they still are. Although we firmly believe that amending this bill is something for all the people of Minnesota and has no reason to be a partisan thing, unfortunately it seems to have fallen into that, simply by the lack of support we’ve gotten from the Democratic party.

In 2013, Rep. Newberger managed to present our request for amending the Cottage Food Law to the House of Representatives for a vote. We lost by only 10 votes, almost completely divided along party lines. This year two prominent Democrats had promised their support, but when the Legislative session actually began, they brushed us off saying that they were “too busy” for us.

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