Tidbit Tuesday ~ Your Vote Matters!

Minnesota Cottage Food Law

Today is the primary elections. There are a lot people who think that they are too busy to vote today, or they can’t miss their favorite TV show, or they have somewhere else better to be, and that their one vote won’t make a difference anyway. So today I thought I would ask Google Search, I wrote, “How one vote changed history.” There were so many answers that it’s clear this is researched quite often. The answer is a definite YES! One vote has changed the course of history many times in the past.

Our votes can change history for us. It can make the difference between whether we get our bill amended sooner, rather than later. Just consider that when our bill came up for a vote in the 2013 House of Representatives, we lost by only 10 votes. 10 votes people! We have the power to change that. Texas did it, Alabama…

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