Throwback Thursday ~ A Quick Look At The 60’s

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The 1960’s! This is the decade I was born in. Americans lost a lot of really great men in the 60’s. Those who were trying to change the United States for the better, like President Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and the honorable soldiers, fighting to keep our world free. Many of my friends lost their daddy’s. Thankfully mine came home.

Food was becoming fancier. The French had a lot of influence on cooking. Julia Child was really popular. I loved watching her show. She made the most amazing things. I wanted to start cooking then and there! People were really into inviting the neighbors over for fondue or barbecuing. Having parties where the cook could show off their culinary skills was a great past time. Setting your dessert on fire was all the rage. The flambé was the posh dessert of that time.

This was the era when Bundt cakes became popular. The…

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