Throwback Thursday ~ The Groovy 70’s!

Minnesota Cottage Food Law

Next on our tour of the decades is the 70’s! I loved the 70’s. Of course there was the never-ending political stuff, like Nixon and Watergate. The Vietnam war was over for the US. Most of the troops came home. Sadly, some never did.
But I was a kid then. The world was amazing! We were still allowed all of the cool things that kids can’t do today, like playing Red Rover, Dodge Ball, and I loved my Clackers! It was still usually safe enough to play outside all day long, never seeing our parents until it was time to eat.
I loved the disco balls, peasant skirts, bell bottoms, and I will never forget my first pair of platform shoes.  The colors not so much, but the free spirited flowing clothes? Oh yeah! There’s a reason my son calls me his hippi mom. 🙂 Everything possible was either crocheted or macramé.  We had Tupperware…

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