Throwback Thursday ~ How They Succeeded

Minnesota Cottage Food Law

Home Bakers in 35 States now have the legal right to sell baked goods from their homes. It’s true that they all have various different rules that apply to each State, but the bottom line is that they succeeded in changing the law in their State to allow them to do what they dreamed of doing.

Since I have begun working to get the cottage food law in Minnesota amended, I have watched as others have worked towards their goals. I have observed the process of their success. There is one overwhelming factor in every single case. That factor is the amount of participation from EVERYONE who wanted to have the right to sell their baked goods from home.

On November 5th, 1872, Susan B. Anthony was arrested for voting, simply because she was a woman. She was fined $100. Women from all over the United States campaigned, were arrested, tortured and killed, simply for…

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