Tuesday, Nov. 4th ~ Election Day!

Go vote folks!

Minnesota Cottage Food Law

preview[1]Good morning! Yesterday was super busy so the weekly update will be included in todays post. We now have a total of 1869 signatures, which means 12 more people signed our petition. Awesome!

We had 4 more Facebook Likes, total is now 819. Obviously we did not reach our goal of 1000 by the 3rd. We are still at $120.00 for our fundraising project. Not awesome. The ball is in your court people.

Today is election day. A VERY important day for us. I hope you did your homework. I hope you know who will support the things that are important to you. I hope that you vote accordingly. Whatever you believe in, believe that every single vote makes a difference. There have been cases of Representatives winning by just one vote! Yours could be that one. We all matter! Go vote folks!

If you need to know where your…

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