The Year 2014

It’s been quite a year. I didn’t work on my blog much. I could use the excuse that we were really busy, but that’s not entirely true. Life is always busy around here. The truth is that it was just really hard to write.

The past year was pretty rough in some ways. I started to write a blog about the war in Israel, since I lived there for 26 years and much of my family lives there still. I thought maybe I could make the world understand what’s really going on. The media puts such a false spin on everything. Everyone has an opinion, even people who have never been there and have no idea what they are talking about. It’s so frustrating. But as I sat down to write I just felt an overwhelming sadness that it really didn’t matter what I wrote, those who bother to educate themselves will already know, and those who refuse to be anything other than blinded by falseness, will never see anyway. Writing about it wouldn’t bring back the lives lost, nor heal the hurt and heartbroken. Maybe I’m wrong, but right now that’s how I feel.

In the midst of the war my father-in-law got very sick. Not much fun having to be in a bomb shelter, hooked to machines while the sirens are blaring. But Papa Q always did everything with a smile and a little joke. He was a very amazing man, who touched hundreds of lives all over the world. He passed away as the sun set, at the beginning of Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year. It is said that only the most righteous go to be with the Lord on this day. He most definitely was. One of my favorite sayings of his was, that the way we live is a much louder testimony, than the words we say. He was a great example of this, living as Jesus did with love and compassion for everyone. Although he is missed, he will live on in our hearts forever.

Papa Q used to shake his head at my lack of a green thumb. Even though I continuously killed any living plant within my vicinity, he never gave up. We were constantly planting flowers in my gardens just to have them wilt away somehow. I either didn’t water them enough, watered them too much or, I don’t know, but I really truly tried! This summer I planted some flowers in a pot and some in window boxes on the porch. They actually lived! I guess all of his teaching wasn’t totally wasted on me. 

Another place where Papa Q always encouraged me was in my baking. I have loved baking and cake decorating since I was a little girl but for some reason I never took pictures of my creations. I just didn’t think about it. One day I had made a cake that looked like a cowboy hat. In those days we didn’t have all the fancy pans like we have now so everything I made was actually carved out of cake. He said, “Shelley you know you really should be taking pictures of these cakes you make. You might want to make them again someday.” And that is why I have pictures of cakes I made 20 years ago and still make sure to take them today. He was my best taste critic. Any time I baked anything new I would call him up and tell him I’d made a new recipe if he wanted to try it. He’d say, “Put the coffee on! I’m on the way!”
Here are some of the baked creations I made this year.

So the year 2014 comes to an end. It was a year that brought sadness, but also a lot of joy. New baby’s joined the family, weddings & engagements brought more family members, new friends were made, new places were visited, and many family events were held. Nothing can take the place of cherished memories with family and friends. All in all, whatever way the road may take us, there is one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt, the Lord is good and we are truly blessed. Happy New Year Everyone!

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