Weekly Update ~ June 15, 2015


Minnesota Cottage Food Law

Wow! What a roller coaster ride last week was! I was never sure if we were up or down. For those of you who haven’t already heard, our bill was passed and signed by Governor Dayton on Saturday afternoon. This is the link to one of the news articles: “Dayton Signs Bills, Government Shutdown Avoided“. Now I have to keep reminding myself that it’s actually happened and I can’t stop smiling. I really hope you are all as excited as I am!

Of course there will be a lot of work ahead to get all the details ironed out. A lot of research and questions to be asked and answered. I know you all have so many questions, so do we! Together I have confidence that we will get there. It will just take patience on everyone’s part.

First and foremost we ALL want to give a HUGE thank you to Senator…

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