Cream Puff Obsession

Recently I have become obsessed with cream puffs. It all began with the Triple Chocolate Cake, which is one of my family’s birthday favorites. I found this recipe in one of my Hershey cookbooks, put my own spin on it, and have been making it for about 20 years now. My kids love it, but it’s a bit too rich for me. The best part of this cake is the chocolate whipped cream filling. I could eat a bucket of it!

The last time I made this cake I kept thinking about other things this whipped cream would taste good in. Finally, it hit me: cream puffs! I had to see how my idea would come out and this past Friday I made them for dessert when my parents came to dinner. Let me tell you, they were amazing!


If you would like to make your own Cream Puffs with Chocolate Whipped Cream Filling it’s really easy. Just make your favorite cream puff shells, I use Betty Crocker’s recipe, fill with the chocolate whipped cream from Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Torte recipe, and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Even my son loved them, and he doesn’t really like sweets.
Betty Crocker’s Cream Puff Recipe
Hershey’s Chocolate Whipped Cream Recipe

Yesterday we were driving down the road, running errands when my mind went to those cream puffs and how yummy they had been, which in turn led me to thinking about the technique for making them, that it’s really pretty easy, and what else could I do with them. Considering the liquid in the recipe I use is water, what would happen if I used some other form of liquid, for instance, orange juice. Oh yeah! Orange cream puffs with ice cream! But not just ice cream, orange flavored ice cream! Thus the idea for my Orange Cream Puffs with Orange Ice Cream was born. Today I made them. They were so, so, so many so’s good! I have a few more ideas I can’t wait to try, so stay tuned for the sequel. My cream puff obsession isn’t over yet!

Orange Cream Puff Shells filled with Orange Ice Cream
Use the Betty Crocker cream puff pastry recipe above, substituting the water for freshly squeezed orange juice, and add a little orange zest with the flour. Bake as directed.

For the Orange Ice Cream, I took 28 ounces of vanilla ice cream, cut it into smaller pieces and put it into my Kitchenaid mixer bowl. Then I added about a teaspoon of orange zest, and 1/4 cup of fresh orange juice. I mixed this until it was whipped nicely, but do not over whip or you will have a milk shake.


I used my mini ice cream scoop and put a scoop of ice cream into each cooled puff. I had to work quickly before the ice cream melted. Next time I think I will try putting scoops of ice cream onto a cookie sheet first and letting them freeze solid before putting them into the puffs. Sprinkle the finished puffs with powdered sugar and serve immediately. Enjoy!



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