We Are Still The People!

A few years ago I wrote this blog post about my first time experiencing a caucus, We The People. It was at a time when we were still in the middle of trying to get our Cottage Food Law bill passed and everything we hoped and dreamed for depended on who won that election. It was when I realized how important each one of us are and how much responsibility we all bare for who governs us.

Since then our Cottage Food Bill has been passed. There are still little kinks in it that need to be worked out, but for the most part we got what we wanted. I will be forever grateful to the wonderful people who helped make this a reality. But as I worked on this bill and got to see first hand exactly how our state government works, I realized a few things. First of all, those individuals who we vote into office have the power to change our lives. Secondly, a lot of their time is spent on discussing where our tax dollars go and let me tell you, you would be shocked if you actually sat in one of those sessions and knew what was really happening with your money. Thirdly, it’s actually we the people who voted in these folks sitting around a big table, looking bored, making snide remarks, and imperiously giving our money to the most ridiculous causes and controlling our lives.

Voting isn’t just a privilege, it’s a responsibility. It’s not a popularity contest either. You shouldn’t vote for someone just because he looks like a nice guy, or because she talks so kindly. You really have to know what they stand for and if they really will protect your interests and your rights.

Tonight is the caucus in our state. It doesn’t take much time to do a little research, listen to what your candidates are all about, and vote.

We The People do make a difference.

Below is some information about the caucus for you:

A Guide To Minnesota’s Tuesday Caucus

Minnesota Caucus Finder




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