Mmmmm Worms!

Recently I took my granddaughter to the newly opened Mills Fleet Farm in our neighboring town. They had just put out the Halloween candy so she decided we needed to bake cupcakes with gummy worms. We spent a few days discussing how these amazing cupcakes should look. She takes her cake designs very seriously. She already has a very elaborate idea in mind for her birthday cake, which is still over a month away. I’ll be sure to show you when the time comes. By the way, I also have a my own baking business called Sweet Eats By Shelley. You can follow me on Facebook or check out my WordPress website, Sweet Eats By Shelley.

Anyway, we finally had time to bake our cupcakes this weekend. We baked my favorite chocolate cupcake recipe, and then frosted them with Chocolate Marshmallow Buttercream. I love Amanda from “I Am Baker” and I follow her on Facebook. Her videos are a delight to watch and she always has fun ideas. I saw her recipe for Marshmallow Buttercream in some cookies she made and it looked really good. I thought if I added some cocoa to that recipe it would be perfect for our cupcakes. It was perfect and really good!

We used my cupcake corer to take out a small circle from the center of the cupcakes. Then we stuck the ends of 2 or 3 gummy worms into the hole. We then piped chocolate marshmallow buttercream over the worms to make it look like they were coming out of the ground. Another worm was place on top of the buttercream. We added crushed thin chocolate filled Oreos on top for dirt and finished the whole thing off with fall leaf sprinkles. It was so much fun!

Chocolate Marshmallow Buttercream
1 cup soft butter
1/3 cup cocoa
½ tsp. almond extract
1 Tbsp. water
4 cups powdered sugar
13oz container of marshmallow fluff

Whip the butter until fluffy. Add the cocoa and flavoring then beat until smooth. Be sure to scrape the sides of your bowl every so often as you work.  Add 2 cups powdered sugar and the water, beat until smooth. Add the remaining 2 cups of powdered sugar, beat until smooth. Add the marshmallow fluff and beat until fluffy. This will frost about 2 dozen cupcakes.

Happy October you all!



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  1. How can I contact you, SJ Erickson? The company I work for would like permission to use one of your Otter Creek photos.

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