We the People of 2018

I couldn’t sleep last night. My mind just kept going around and around. The 2018 Legislative session is about to get going and I’m still working to better my Cottage Food Law bill. Of course one thought led to another and I started to think about the upcoming precinct caucuses which will be taking place on February 6th and how important they are to us as a people.

There was a time that I didn’t want anything to do with politics. I wrote about that journey in my blog We the People. I never realized until I really wanted something to change how the process works. Now that I know and have been involved in the political system for a while now, it makes me even more upset to see how little our people really understand about the power they hold.

It is We the People who vote our representatives into place. It begins at the caucuses and what happens there has a direct impact on our everyday lives. How many of us even know what our representatives vote for in session? Do you just vote the person you like best into a position and then go on your merry way thinking this is enough? Do you just vote for someone because of the party they are affiliated with but never really have knowledge of what this person stands for? This is a very dangerous thing to do.

Until I got involved I never knew how often our representatives just vote down party lines and never even read the bills they are presented with. I never realized how often representatives will say what you want to hear and then vote for what they think is best for you. Because they are in the government they suddenly think they know what’s best for their constituents, never hearing what the constituents, who elected them, really want.

Do you know what your representatives vote for and why? Do you know that our tax dollars get thrown around these committees like it’s their weekly allowance with never a thought to what We the People need or want? I do. I’ve sat in their committee meetings. I’ve seen firsthand how they become judge and jury. I’ve seen the games they play and quite frankly where my tax dollars are going makes me really angry. It should make you angry too.

When a representative can swear to watch over the interests of We the People, and then give our tax dollars to immigrants for free housing, vacations, etc. and there are still so many homeless people on our streets, this State is not spending our tax dollars correctly.

When an immigrant can get totally free health care but my friend, a born and bred Minnesota gal who has served her country can’t even get help with her kidney medication; there are big problems in this State.

And before you call me racist which seems to be the answer to every political agenda that someone disagrees with these days, really honestly think about it. And before you point fingers at this party or that party, believe me they all do it. That’s your money. These representatives are supposed to work for you. Can you really say this is happening?

All I want is for our representatives, all of the representatives, to remember who they work for and take care of ALL the people of Minnesota. This will not happen until We the People wake up, attend the caucuses, and vote for the representatives who are going to quit playing the political games and really hear and stand for their constituents.

To find your caucus area you can click this link, 2018 Caucus Locations 

Please educate yourself, listen to the candidates and really become a part of your community. Don’t just listen to what these people are saying but check out their actions.

You can see what your Legislature is voting for and discussing every day. They have alerts from the Session Daily news, a Facebook page, Twitter  & Youtube videos of their committee meetings. The Minnesota State Legislative website has even more information there about your Senators and House Representatives.

I challenge you to find out exactly what your representatives are doing and if you really are happy with how they are working for you. Because at the end of the day We the People are responsible for what we stand by and let happen.


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